A picture paints a thousand words . . .


After making you suffer through my essay about the Bayou People and the reasons you should love us, here’s a photo of a cypress swamp about 5 miles north of where I live at sunrise. This is my peace offering … Continue reading

Resurrected from September 2007 . . .

There are very few things I am as passionate about as the Louisiana wetlands. Below is a shorter version of an article written a mere 2 years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and outlying areas, and Hurricane Rita flooded … Continue reading

Zydeco dancing Part 2


Man, that dance floor was hopping to the resonating beat of Cody Ledet and his Zydeco band. Even though it was chilly outside, after about an hour of dancing, the huge sliding doors were opened to cool the dancers off. … Continue reading

Guess where I went? Part 1


The first time I went to Nunu’s was with my sister, Heather Here, and we had such a great time watching everyone dance, we vowed to learn to dance and go back. Well, neither one of us has learned to … Continue reading

I've been tagged . . . or "How weird are you, anyway?"


My LilSis is playing tag with me, and I’m it. OK, here’s what I’m understanding about this. Someone tagged her, and she listed 7 weird things about herself on her blog, and then she tagged some other weirdos or nerds … Continue reading