A meme from me to you!

Disjointed.  That’s how I have felt since January 29th.  I believe that is a whole month.  And today is that special day that no child really wants to be born.  Wonder how many have been born since midnight last night? … Continue reading

You need your coils cleaned, ma'am!


Hey, don’t you worry none about my coils. They’re fine just like they are! So, the faithful Sears man showed up first thing this morning. As you might recall, both the water heater and the refrigerator went out the day … Continue reading

Has it been four days?

Oh, how I’ve missed you! You, my virtually real friends, were temporarily replaced by real-life people of all shapes, color, sizes, and gender strolling past my “booth” into the abyss of dead animal heads and dead fish adorning the walls … Continue reading