Working on the water is a way of life


If you grow up “down the bayou”, working on the water is a way of life. And it’s not a far jump from working on fishing vessels to working on other vessels, like tugboats. My older boys grew up fishing … Continue reading

Spring is busting out all over in Bayou Country


Seeing is believing, so they say. First, I saw with my own eyes, and now you get to see through the lens of my camera. I live in the most marvelous wonderland called coastal Louisiana. These images all come from … Continue reading

Let's watch the dolphin rescue . . .


Someone on the sailboat spied a dorsal fin, dangerously close to the shore. “Is that dolphin sick?” “It must be sick. It’s beached itself.” “Maybe he just got stranded by the falling tide.” On and on the speculations went by … Continue reading

Come sail away with me . . .


Grand Isle has the friendliest people. First off, a very nice couple let us use their beach- front camp for our weekend on Grand Isle. I’d say that was pretty friendly, wouldn’t you? On Friday morning, Termite and I headed … Continue reading