I'm so glad I'm not a woodpecker!


I’ve been putting in 10-hour days working on the Cypress Cottage, and my body is rebelling against all the slave labor it’s been forced to do. My hands were so numb when I woke up today, they felt like they … Continue reading

Cypress Cottage Kitchen-Dining Renovation


Here’s what we did between the dining room and kitchen. Here’s a gander at the bar/separator from the kitchen view BEFORE demolition And here it is again from the living room view BEFORE demolition The AFTER view from the kitchen. … Continue reading

More Cypress Cottage Renovation Updates


We recently saw how nicely the bathroom turned out. However, some folks have been wondering what is the point of featuring a window that must be “covered” in order to keep shower water from spraying on it and the surrounding … Continue reading

Excuse me, ma'am, is that a raccoon on your desk?


Well, I do believe it is a raccoon!!! And a youngun at that! Can it be? Are we once again blessed with a baby coon to replace our precious Chaoui? It would be so grand to be an animal mother. … Continue reading

A rehearsal, a dinner, a cake, and another sneak peak


All things must be done decently and in order. So first there is the rehearsal of the big event . . . where everyone lets go of their pent-up concerns about how this is going to happen And later, there’s … Continue reading