Anatomy of an Evacuation – The Trip


EVACUATION DAY 1 CONTINUED We left at 4:40 p.m. Saturday. We traveled on back roads in order to avoid crowded interstates, and we got bored. For a while, we joined a little caravan . . . and drove through little … Continue reading

Anatomy of an Evacuation – The Locals


EVACUATION DAY 1 Less than a half mile from our home, there was a little traffic jam. See those people hauling out their worldly goods? Water, water everywhere, but not a boat on a lift! Well, except one. See it … Continue reading

Anatomy of an Evacucation – Our House


PHASE 3 SATURDAY: Everything is lifted off the floors, and this jumped out at me from the wall of what was previously my older boys’ room. This reflects my sentiments exactly: As I went to the truck to leave, I … Continue reading

Evacuation preparations and you . . .


Hurricane Gustav is still in the Caribbean—over 800 miles from here. However, the hurricane gurus are predicting landfall just to the west of us, which puts us on the high-water side. Now is the time that I can no longer … Continue reading

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

And I have been hoping for the best and not preparing at all. The latest email hurricane alert I received today places the storm at a direct hit for where I live. No kidding. I just read that email, and … Continue reading