It's shrimp season, cher`


That’s right.  The inland shrimp season is full swing, and this is that wonderful time when  you can drive down the bayou, look for a boat tied up to its moorings with someone on board, roll down your window and … Continue reading

What in the heck is a French press?


Does it print French books?  Is it a special way to iron clothes? Is it a bench press with a French twist? I’m not ashamed to admit that prior to Blufloyd commenting about someone using a “French press”, I had … Continue reading

Where is coffee a staple food?


There may be plenty more places, but in bayou homes, for sure! I had written a draft of this post before I went to visit one of the regulars here at Bayou Woman–Steffi.  I surprised her by taking her up … Continue reading

Name this tree contest!


CONTEST ALTERED! Since no one has been able to name this flower, LilSis helped me realize that asking you to do so was misleading, because you actually need to name the TREE! With that said, the first person who finds … Continue reading