Wetland Tour Continues . . .

If you drift through a small cut or trainasse or canal quietly, and look closely, you will see myriad smaller, less obvious specimens in our wetlands. There are so many things to see, that you don’t know where to train … Continue reading

Come take a Louisiana Wetland Tour!


My wetland tour business has existed for several years now.  Are folks beating down my door?  No.  Why?  Because the majority of folks in the northern part of this state and the rest of the nation and world have no … Continue reading

You finish the story winner!

We have a winner!  The guest writer, 8 year old Little Bit, has swept the board with his ending to the Adventures of Butch and Ti Du. Congratulations, Little Bit!  Cammy, his grandmother, is a regular reader and commenter here.  … Continue reading

CONTEST: You finish the story!


Since some of you are getting bored with the same old Bayou Woman absence of fishing and fun stuff like that, I’ve decided to let YOU entertain the readers! I am going to set the scene for something that really … Continue reading