The Great Blue Heron


Why do the Great blue heron Fly away when I get close by? They must think That my camera Will shoot them And make them die! You may also like… The Maurepas Swamp, Part 2 Prothonotary Warbler Project &… Prothonotary … Continue reading

Great Blue Heron Contest Winners!

Everyone who attempted to answer the question(s) was entered in a drawing for the prizes. First the names went on two lists: The Lurkers on the top half of the page,  and  The Veterans on the bottom. Then I printed … Continue reading

Contest especially for you lurkers out there!

And something for the faithful readers, so you won’t pout! One day last week, there were 1100 views of this blog.  I cannot imagine that out of 1100 people, only a handful were brave enough to try the last contest … Continue reading

The eagles have landed!

As evidenced by Diane’s blog photos and mine below. Did you know that American bald eagles fly south to inhabit their six-foot wide nests in the fall of the year?  They spruce up their nests, typically the ones they used … Continue reading

A contest just for you! CONTEST OVER

What are you playing for?  Well, SusieCR has very generously donated her prize BACK to the readers of BW.  She can’t redeem it and doesn’t want it to vanish into thin air.  I would be less than an honest bayou … Continue reading