Flounder Reflections

After four hours of fishing HARD in the rolling waves and brisk breezes, “getting skunked” is very hard to swallow. If it hadn’t been for this fellow, I would have gotten the skunk. today. With the catching so slow, I … Continue reading

The Artist and the Farmer


What could possibly bring together an artist from Norway and a farmer from Thibodaux?  Sugarcane, that’s what. It all started with Anne Senstad’s vision of a labyrinth made of humans linked together, which evolved into a living art form of … Continue reading

Red Fish Chowder


Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be one of the most difficult cooking posts I have ever done.  Why, you might ask.  Because there is a lot of guess work in this recipe, and it’s hard to be accurate and succinct … Continue reading

Tenacity over Tears: The Choice is Ours


This is the article that received a 3rd place award in the Coastal Restoration Category at the Louisiana Outdoor Writer’s Association Excellence in Craft competition-2009. “Tenacity over Tears” is a phrase I coined in reference to the repeated reaction of … Continue reading

Louisiana Outdoor Writers Annual Conference


I just got back and will give you a full report as soon as I can.  I’m tired, so it won’t be tonight.  Also, I will be scouting for trout first thing in the a.m. Tuesday morning:  Report for Jury … Continue reading