People on Pilings!


That is what we are. Not out of desire, but out of necessity. After years of writing about the Louisiana wetlands, speaking about them, taking people out to see them, advocating for them, and replanting them, I’ve finally reached the … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pie – The Inside Story


Here we have what I call a “half moon pie”.   I’ve decided I like this shape better than the triangular ones. Inquiring minds, especially that of Deloutre Switch, want to know what the inside of this crust looks like.  You … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pie


Regardless, this recipe is a Houma Indian recipe taught to me by one of my sister-in-laws; well, actually the only one who bakes them. This is about the only kind of pie I’ve ever seen my native American kinfolk bake or eat. Is that strange?

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Who dat turned 17?


This note was tucked into the last page of a photo album Dotter and MuzicMan gave Miah for his birthday.  In that album were photos of their first trip to Disney last February–Dotter, MuzicMan, Miah and Termite. The note was … Continue reading