Hybrid House, Part 1

Hybrid means a mixing of unlike parts.  In this case, the mixture is that of wood and metal.  The next few posts about the house will show you how I’m getting that done, with my trusty builder.  And remember, folks, … Continue reading

Beam Me Up!

those lonely pilings still waiting out there in the foggy morning . . . I went inside to get some coffee thought I heard the sound of a wood pecker. I went outside and sure enough, out front on the utility pole, was a red bellied woodpecker going at it. Soon after, I heard some much louder pecking in the backyard.

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WATS strikes again!


or appliance buyer beware of the fine print on the extended warranty plan being sold to you . . . or how BW became a little more self sufficient today. Freezing temperatures.  No clothesline.  Under those conditions, which appliance does … Continue reading