A "slick" that ain't so slick

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Louisiana Migratory Birds!

Among the migratory birds we saw and/or heard were the following birds:

white eyed vireo, painted and indigo bunting, rose-breasted gross beak, swamp sparrow, tree swallow, swamp canary, parula, barred owls, grackles, blue jays, cardinals, starlings, great and little blue heron, green and Louisiana heron, great and snowy egret, white and glossy ibis, black and turkey vulture, black crowned night heron, roseate spoonbill, cormorant, osprey, barn swallow, red bellied and pyleated woodpecker, eastern king bird, cat bird, Kentucky warbler (my first), kingfisher, Carolina chickadee, Carolina wren, laughing gull, ring-billed gull, black-neck stilts, common moorhen, purple martin, crow, red-winged black bird, morning dove

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