From Batavia to Niagara Falls

By the time we landed, got our rental car, checked into the hotel and rode around Batavia, NY looking for an appealing place to eat, it was dark, and I could not get any decent snow photos. But first thing Friday, with a rare sun-shiny day, came my chance for a photo op.

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From the bayou to Batavia and back!

Hello folks!  I am back just now —- midnight Monday night.  I have a morning appointment today and a wetland tour in the afternoon so I will come back here Tuesday evening to post properly! Thanks for all the great … Continue reading

Wetland Watchers

This past weekend found me in Baton Rouge at a symposium for environmental educators. I was there to sell copies of my book, Before the Saltwater Came, and talk to educators about wetland education every opportunity I could.

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