How you like your eggs?

This article received First Place in Electronic Journalism in the 2014 Louisiana Outdoor Writer Association’s Excellence in Craft Awards. How DO you like your eggs?  Fried?  Scrambled?  Lying on an English muffin bathed in Hollandaise sauce? The buzzing of airboats reverberates across the marsh like giant bumble bees, humming their way from nest to nest in search of this ancient delicacy–alligator eggs.… read the rest

LOWA Youth Journalism Contests – Essay and Photo

Okay, all you parents and grandparents of kids who like to hunt and fish and do other outdoor recreational activities. ¬†It’s time to pull out the keyboard for a little summer-time brush up on the old English and grammar skills or lend them your camera and see if you have a shutterbug in the family!… read the rest

Swamp People News and Updates

First off, I have to ask forgiveness for putting up this type of post, since it has to do with a part-time gig I’m working on right now. ¬†Secondly, I have some bad news to break to you, the faithful readers who have come to know Bayou Fabio through stories I’ve written about him over the years on this blog.… read the rest