Triumph over Tragedy

In our human limitations, we might not ever come to know the reasons that things happen the way they do in our lives–the good or the bad. Somehow, though, we most often seem to ask that question about the unfortunate events.

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My First Official Women in the Outdoors Event

You remember back in the day when your neighbors would invite you over for a little gathering just to bore you with a slide show of their most recent vacation? Well, I’m about to do the same thing to you, … Continue reading

Speckled Trout Fishing with Ascension Outdoors

Lyle Johnson and Goosie Guice are the co-hosts of “Ascension Outdoors”, an outdoor TV show around the Baton Rouge area, and I had the honor of having them on my boat and fishing for speckled trout in what I like … Continue reading

2013 Gator Season Full Swing or Nearly Over?

With near fall-like temperatures, the hunters aren’t the only ones enjoying the milder climate. Seems record number of alligators are taking advantage of the free lunches being offered throughout the marshes since Wednesday, the first official day of alligator season.

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