Blackberry or Dewberry Cobbler


There’s been a whole lotta picking going on down the bayou at the local berry patch.  And the best thing to do with the fresh, dark globes of goodness?  Throw them in an old-fashioned cobbler, which is not only a … Continue reading

CRCL Coastal Stewardship Awards


Way back in 2004, I penned a little children’s picture book about 30 years of wetland loss that took place since I moved to lower Terrebonne Parish of south Louisiana. The book became a reality when, in February 2005, I held … Continue reading

Crawfish Tales


  Once upon a time, there were three siblings, two sisters and a brother, who lived in the city. Prone to adventure beyond what their concrete sidewalks and manicured lawns offered, they set out to find a mysterious pond of … Continue reading

Contest Giveaway!


Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve given anything away.  With more and more bloggers out there vying for free stuff and sponsorship, there’s a lot more competition for those things.  I miss the days that Community Coffee so … Continue reading