The Maurepas Swamp, Part 2

Swamp Things: The Wild Side of Maurepas Swamp Written by Wendy Billiot for Louisiana Wildlife Federation The early morning sun rays streak through the wispy Spanish moss, casting long shimmers of light across the surface of the water.  A prothonotary … Continue reading

Bayou Gingerbread People


Come on in and do some holiday baking with me. This is what’s going on the BW Holiday Kitchen today!  These are kid-friendly and provide something to do together once school is out and it’s too cold or nasty to … Continue reading

One Extraordinary Spider

Dolomedes tenebrosus derives its name from the Greek for “wily” and the Latin for “dark.”  We call this three-inch spider, one of the largest in Louisiana, the dark fishing spider. The conniving arachnid can be found lurking in the swamps, on … Continue reading