All in a Day's Rest–I mean work!

Four delightful young adults  joined me for a winter wetland tour.  Oliver and Ryan, originally from New York, drove from New Orleans where they now live and work.  Along with them came Craig from Memphis and Katy, a recent Tulane graduate, from Virginia.

They had a marvelous day planned for themselves, and I’m glad I got to be the beginning of their bayou adventure!

There’s not a lot of greenery to experience in the marsh and swamp in the winter.  As a result, the absent foliage makes it much easier to spot and photograph the abundance of wading birds we see in the winter.  Here are a few of the beauties we saw today.

As we left the dock, as though on cue, the brown pelicans swooped in, literally diving for fish right in front of the boat.


Did you know their pouches can hold about 3 gallons of water when they scoop up fish with it?

Eagle flying

Nothing is more majestic while flying than the eagle.  This one did not drop close enough for a clear shot,

Eagle in tree

but this one posed just long enough for a quick photo!

Roseate spoonbill and Egret

Back in the marsh, we were rewarded with a small flock of spoonbills and egrets sharing a feeding ground.  I love the contrasts of the gold marsh grass and the pink feathers.


I’m not a very considerate birder, because I can never resist the urge to whistle really loudly and make them fly so we can see the pink wings!


As you can see, the great egrets are not as easily frightened as the spoonbills.

Legs the egret

Back at the camp, this great egret named “Legs” waits patiently for someone to clean a fish and throw him the remains,

Swimming pelican

while this pelican swims around waiting patiently for the crabbers to throw their extra bait overboard.  The symbiosis between human and bird is pretty amazing!

Happy Captain

And at the end of it all is a very happy captain.  No workers, no permits, no trucks making ruts in the yard, just me, my boat, the water and a few very wonderful customers.

Oliver and Company left my boat on their way first to dine at Big Al’s Seafood and then to Cajun dance it off at The Jolly Inn.  I challenge you to click on that link and watch the whole video clip of local folks cutting a rug, so to speak!!

I’ve been laying tile for two days, and all I had left to finish yesterday was part of the bathroom when I opened a box of defective tiles .  I was going to finish that this evening. But you know what?  I think that will just have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m feeling way too good from the tour to lay tile right now.  Blame me?

Renewed and refreshed,


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All in a Day's Rest–I mean work! — 12 Comments

  1. great post, I loved it and all those wonderful amazing photos…my favorite one tho was the last.,….that smile on the captains face,…… priceless!
    Thanks for the update

  2. Deb, my sentiments exactly. BW, you look happy and relaxed. The renovations have turned into your “work”, boat riding (Wetland Tours) are just plain fun! To keep your sanity ya gotta take a day off from “work” every now and then.

  3. I liked the video. I’m still smilin’.
    I’m glad you had a nice day off. Sounds like you’ve been workin’ way too much, course I know you don’t have much choice.

  4. Just watched the video. Talk about a cardiovascular workout! That was one brave woman to cut a rug barefooted. I wouldn’t even attempt it with Hubby as a dance partner! LOL

  5. Used to go to a steak place where people twice as old as dirt danced to a polka band on Sunday’s starting at 7 pm. I think they had to be home at 10.
    No I am not sure if it was the dancers or the band.

    I need a bayou fix pretty bad. I just figured out the end of March is pretty far away too,

  6. I think I could handle that Cajun Line Dance (what is it called) that the ladies were doing. Looked like fun and they aren’t too far from my age…..LOL

  7. Back in my younger days, I used travel La, E.TX, & Ark c a clogging group, my FAV was going to So. La., they were soooo wonderful & always invited us to go dancing c them p. We practiced a lot & they STILL outdanced us..ALL night long. I love dancing in those little places! That line dance has to be a local thing..its not a tush push or electric slide, but I would join them in a heart beat!!!

    • Sweet and Deloutre, what say y’all come down and we can go to the Jolly Inn and learn that dance? And LilSis would like to come, too! Y’all could meet in S’port and drive down together for the weekend and we’ll stay at Camp Dularge!! Sounds like fun to me! I’m not sure what the dance is called, but it does look fun! I’ll have to look closer, but if you notice, their feet slide a little more like Cajun dancing than a tapping or stomping country style dance.

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