At least in much of Terrebonne Parish: An official from a major local land company and holder of hundreds of hunting leases in Terrebonne Parish, announced today that due to the rumors that the going price per foot for big … Continue reading

Farm Alligator Returns


Farm Alligator Returns.  Sounds like the title of a children’s picture book, doesn’t it?  Far from kids’ play, the return of alligators is big business in coastal Louisiana.  Several times a year in the low-lying areas of brackish, intermediate, and … Continue reading

Gators Galore!


One thing we can count on in the swamp and marshes of lower Terrebonne Parish in the spring are hungry gators just waking up from a long winter’s nap. Friday, I had the great privilege of riding along with Capt. … Continue reading

2013 Gator Season Full Swing or Nearly Over?

With near fall-like temperatures, the hunters aren’t the only ones enjoying the milder climate. Seems record number of alligators are taking advantage of the free lunches being offered throughout the marshes since Wednesday, the first official day of alligator season.

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Alligator Season Starts this Week!

We are having a big family fish fry today, so there won’t be a brand new post for this weekend, however, I’m linking you to the article in the local paper about the opening of alligator season. It’s been raining all weekend, so I hope it stops for the gator hunters.

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