Mary Land and Pepper Pecans


Parties and family gatherings abound this time of year, and we’re faced with the same question each time we begin to ponder what we will bring.  That is, whether to rely on an “old reliable” recipe or come up with … Continue reading

Jezebel Sauce


If you, like me, have lived many decades deprived of the knowledge and enjoyment of Jezebel sauce, then hallelujah this is your day!  I’m here to open up your eyes AND your taste buds with this recipe that was recently revealed … Continue reading

Cajun Christmas Caviar 2


Yes, yes, I know, Christmas is upon us, but I’m headed to town to the grocery store to buy all those last minute ingredients I don’t have on hand and to buy sweet potatoes in order to make a batch … Continue reading

Spicy Oyster Crackers


It’s holiday time again, and everyone is looking for that special little something to leave in the mailbox for the mail carrier, or send to school for the teacher, janitor, or lunch lady.  While we’re experiencing a little break in … Continue reading

Cajun Caviar


At the end of last month, as I visited with my new friend “Lizbeth”, she pulled a dish out of her ice box and said I just had to try her Cajun Caviar on crackers. Before I could say, “Oh my gosh! This is sooooo good”, she was writing the recipe for me from memory. I decided right then and there I would make it for the first BWA and see how my guests enjoyed it.

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