Pecan Patties


So, happy holidays everyone. If you’re looking for a nice gift that won’t break the bank, make up a batch of these and give each person a dozen. There you have it . . . . four people checked off the Christmas list.

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The Best Old Fashioned Cornbread Dressing Recipe


If you are looking for just the right old-fashioned southern cornbread dressing, LOOK NO MORE! BW has reached cornbread dressing bliss and shares the recipe with you.

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Beignets and Irish Cream!


Just when I was getting over glutting myself on King Cake, reader Foamheart sent me an email including photos of his Mardi Gras morning beignets. Now, I have to say, the photos made my mouth water, and I forgot all … Continue reading

Traditional King Cake


I had the best time learning how to make traditional king cakes with my very special son at his cooking class. I’ve not had the chance to see him in action since he began this course last August.  Talk about … Continue reading