Whoopie Pie Cake


Whoopie Pie Cake.  It sounds strange, I know.  And of course, there’s a back story, but I can’t lay claim to having named this sinfully rich dessert concoction.  But doesn’t it look delicious? If you’ve spent any time on this … Continue reading

Homemade Peach Ice Cream!


With heat indices/indexes reaching over 100 degrees, it’s too hot to bake cakes for all the July and August birthdays our family celebrates together. So, after we consume grilled ribs, potato salad, baked beans with all the trimmings, we will … Continue reading

Chantilly Berry Trifle


This is my favorite spring-time, berry-season dessert, and it was adapted by my Dotter from the Chantilly Cake baked by local Rouse’s supermarket bakeries and Whole Foods.  We first tasted the cake at my oldest son’s birthday party several years … Continue reading

Blackberry or Dewberry Cobbler


There’s been a whole lotta picking going on down the bayou at the local berry patch.  And the best thing to do with the fresh, dark globes of goodness?  Throw them in an old-fashioned cobbler, which is not only a … Continue reading