Fig Chutney from England by Way of Southwest France


Deep in a quaint hamlet in the region of Dordogne, centered on the Dordogne River, an English woman named Kathy sits at her desk in a loft above the kitchen of her 1740s French farmhouse. Her Internet travels take her … Continue reading

Guess what time it is?


It’s fig-picking time down the bayou, and as the comments on the fig recipe post show, lots of other places, too. So, guess what I’ve been doing?  So far, I think we’ve picked about five gallons off the tree, about … Continue reading

Blackberry Fig Preserves


This morning, I rushed to the fig tree to see if there were any left for me.  While picking yesterday morning, my crazy neighbor from the back street called my cell phone and told me how good my figs are.  … Continue reading

Whole Fig Preserves


It’s that time again . . . The figs are ripe up at Camp Dularge and I am battling the birds for them.  I’m sure the guests in the camp thought I was crazy this morning while I was picking … Continue reading

Muscadine and Scuppernong Grape Jelly


Living in the lap of luxury at LilSis’ home, with electricity, TV, and high-speed internet has me spoiled and feeling somewhat guilty, since many of my friends are stuck in homes off the grid with generators running their box fans … Continue reading