Best Thanksgiving Cornbread Dressing!


It’s that time again!  And we finally have some cold weather here.  I hope it holds out for all the baking that will be happening, which makes the house so warm.  Hopefully, this posting gives you time to prepare your … Continue reading

The Best Cornbread Dressing


Here it is! Early enough for you to do your shopping for this delicious, old-fashioned, BW-tested and approved cornbread dressing recipe. I will be making this next week, as it has become a family favorite. For the story behind the … Continue reading

The Best Old Fashioned Cornbread Dressing Recipe


If you are looking for just the right old-fashioned southern cornbread dressing, LOOK NO MORE! BW has reached cornbread dressing bliss and shares the recipe with you.

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Fresh Pumpkin to Pie


Well, it’s about that time. The time when the pumpkins that you picked up for that Jack-O-Lantern that never materialized are starting to look like they might not make it to Thanksgiving. It’s the time when open-air markets and grocery stores are bathed in seas of orange and inundated with the bland-tasting gourds.

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Sweet Potato Pie – The Inside Story


Here we have what I call a “half moon pie”.   I’ve decided I like this shape better than the triangular ones. Inquiring minds, especially that of Deloutre Switch, want to know what the inside of this crust looks like.  You … Continue reading