Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge


As part of the 70th annual Louisiana Outdoor Writers (LOWA) conference, we visited the Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge near Franklin. After piling into our vehicles, we traveled to the NWR headquarters where US Fish and Wildlife ranger Brian Pembert and volunteer Donovan Garcia … Continue reading

Graine a Voler – American Lotus


Skim across the surface of the warm, fecund waters of the shallow marshes of South Louisiana in midsummer and behold the gift of a floating field of the largest flowering plant in the state. The wind whips the giant leaves, … Continue reading

Louisiana Dwarf Palmetto


Often overlooked as a landscaping choice when visiting your local nursery, the Dwarf Palmetto is a complex native palm of Louisiana that deserves a closer look. Able to grow in even the poorest soil conditions, this palmetto, Sabal minor, thrives … Continue reading