Bayou Wedding


A new post from Yours Truly is long overdue.  Well, that’s a wee bit of a understatement, isn’t it? Hopefully, between knowing we’ve just been through Christmas and New Year’s, you’ll give me a pass when I say I’ve been … Continue reading

Cecil Lapeyrouse Grocery Celebrates 100 Years


Between the tranquil banks of Bayou Petit Caillou and Louisiana Highway 56 sits an icon of resilience among bayou folks.  Weathered to a respectable patina, the old cypress board-and-batten building is home to an old general store, with counters covered in … Continue reading

An Original Bayou Woman

It was 1979, and I was working as a dispatcher for ODECO. She answered the old black phone in her native tongue, her words lost on me. I had called her house to ask if her son, the crew boat captain, happened to be home. Hoping she could understand me, I continued in English, “He has to go on a run right now.” His boat was next up to take a trip out to the Gulf to deliver emergency equipment, and as night dispatcher, it was my job to find him. She understood me well enough to relate to me in broken English where she thought he might have been.

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Swamp People News and Updates

First off, I have to ask forgiveness for putting up this type of post, since it has to do with a part-time gig I’m working on right now. Secondly, I have some bad news to break to you, the faithful readers who have come to know Bayou Fabio through stories I’ve written about him over the years on this blog.

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No Time for Losers–We are the Champions of the World!

Sometimes reality gets in the way of my writing, and on this occasion, I hope you will indulge me by allowing me to share with you why it’s been over a week since I’ve written a fresh, new post.

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