Swamp People News and Updates

First off, I have to ask forgiveness for putting up this type of post, since it has to do with a part-time gig I’m working on right now. Secondly, I have some bad news to break to you, the faithful readers who have come to know Bayou Fabio through stories I’ve written about him over the years on this blog.

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"Bayou Fabio: The Don of Dularge"

That’s the title of last night’s FOX 8 news piece written by my friend Carolyn Scofield. Sorry I can’t post the video here, but it belongs to FOX 8 so I will just give you the link and hope you follow it today and enjoy this great mini view of my friend Rickey, whom I lovingly nick-named Bayou Fabio about ten years ago.

I will be back here later, hopefully with a good update about the opening week of brown shrimp season.


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Disappointments, Delays, Deviations, and Deadlines

Well, my dear folks, it’s way past time for a blog post, and I’ve been silent for far too long, but certainly not by choice. I’d like nothing better than to have the time to write several creative posts per week for you; alas, neither time nor life has been so kind.

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Plastic Bottles and Prehistoric Fish


Gone are the days when his ancestors stalked buffalo on the Louisiana prairies. Gone also are the days they used tomahawks to slay their supper. But Houma Indian, Rickey Verrett, still stalks his prey and still wields a hatchet on a regular basis.

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