Egrets & Otters & Books, Oh My!


It’s finally here…my second Children’s Picture Book! With lovely illustrations by Kayla Harris Johnson, we meet another local character, finding his way in the pastures and wetlands of Louisiana. While these books are available in both Print & eBook format … Continue reading

Bayou Frog Symphony for You!

For the past three nights, bayou frogs of all kinds have serenaded us to sleep. It’s important that you know they do not do this every night all spring and summer long. It’s only on occasion, but when they decide to put on a concert, they really belt it out. I don’t know if it’s just the time of year or if they’re just uber-happy because of all the rain we’ve had. Whatever the reason, the frogs have been singing their little hearts out every night.

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Gross me out Thursday!


Well, folks, I’m just not sure how to start this blog post.  It’s rather strange. Maybe I’ll start by asking if you’ve ever seen the show “Monsters Inside Me” or something like that. Well, have you? We have a black … Continue reading