I'm so glad I said yes!

And the question was asked over and over day after day, “Mom, can we please take the mudboat out into the marsh today?” And finally, there was a day I could agree to do just that. The conditions were that Termite had to get everything ready to go the night before, so we could leave first thing. He even got his daddy to hook the boat trailer up to the back of the truck. Now, that meant business.

Would you like to see what we saw?

Well, here’s a sample, but first I have to warn you. Hold on to your pre-teen daughters, because this guy is the best looking marsh guide I’ve ever seen.

He operated the boat from the moment we launched it until the time we got back. We bought this used boat last winter for duck hunting. He and his older brother took it out, but I’ve never run it and the point of the trip was to get me to have my turn. I was so impressed by the way he handled the boat, and knew his way around in this marsh, that I took a totally hands off approach and it could not have been more rewarding (for both of us).

He knows I’m a sucker for birds and water foul of any kind and acted like he had been in this marsh all his life.

“Look, Mom, there’s a poole d’eau. That’s also called a coot, ya know.”

In an excited whisper, “Look over there, Mom! It’s a purple gallinule–a REAL purple one.”

“And look out in that pond. It’s a marsh hen.”

“What kind of bird is that up there, Mom? It looks like a marsh swallow, but bigger.”

“I think it’s a Kingbird. Can we get a little closer?”

Well, Kim or Choup, is it an Eastern Kingbird?

“Did you see that flash of orange at the base of the cat tails? What is that?”

As best as I can tell, it is some kind of rail. I can’t really see enough detail to make a positive ID.

I have two more hours worth of marsh photos to share with you, but I can’t go any further tonight. I have to get up early and go work on the Cypress House. But if you want, I’ll be back and post some more photos from our marsh adventure. Any takers?

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I'm so glad I said yes! — 6 Comments

  1. Well, from the photos is does look like an eastern kingbird. What was it’s behavior? Did it perch on a high branch and fly out (somtimes in circles) for brief periods and then back to the same perch? My bet is that it did. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Is this an early Mother’s Day present?

    Yes, that behavior is correct. Kim, every day is Mother’s Day to me!

  2. Aw, sons are great aren’t they? It’s so fun to watch them grow up. (daughters too!)

    yes, they are great. My oldest son turned 23 today. He’s out on a tugboat and called me with pen and paper to ask how I cook my oven pot roast, potatoes, and carrots. He cooked that on the boat today with rice and gravy, and then baked his own birthday cake. My daughter is 25 and getting married in two weeks. It is wonderful to watch them grow up.

  3. While you’re posting nature pictures, post some of the cypress house, too. I’m guessing it’s the same house from your earlier post. I’d like to see how its progressed. Is it a home you purchased or are you just helping with repairs and updates.

    Steph, do you remember th nasty pictures of the toilet falling through the floorr? Well, it’s been a slow process because I am doing most of the work myself, but today I had a good helper and I am almost finished with the bathroom. I think a before and after photo will be forthcoming in a couple days. I bought the house and am renovating it to rent out to folks who are coming down to fish and need a place to stay. It is lovingly called “De Camp”.

  4. Great pictures – wish I had been there! Our baseball game took two days to play, so good thing I didn’t make plans to come down.

    I guess I’ll always call that house “The Cottage”! And I think I’ve found your green paint color. Just have to get the name of it.

    Please hurry with the paint color name, because I’m about to finish with the Homestead Parlor Sage in the bathroom. Coming soon: Before and after bathroom photos! You can call it The Cottage if you want.

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