New Orleans Book Fest!

Today at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, I saw some amazing things without going very far from our display tent.

Want to see them?

I saw . . .

a frog spraying water out of its mouth,

and a fish spraying water out of its mouth,

and many other frogs doing the same,

a mallard drake swimming around,

a dinosaur lurking in the trees,

and a pirate blowing a didgeridoo.  A didgeri – who?

A pirate?  Yes, can you guess who?

Back soon,


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New Orleans Book Fest! — 18 Comments

    • Ha!!! Gosh, do I seem old enough to be his mom! That is funny! No, he’s not my son. I just met him this day. He is a reader here . . . . I should go easy on you, though! Looking back at the photo, it is very hard to tell his age. All in good fun, Cammy!!!

  1. Me, I like the dinosaur – probably because I are one!

    I am so d%^@* jealous of you getting to travel around. I have got to figure out something to free myself up for a bit from my responsibilities here at home. We’ll see – I need my trip to the bayou!

    • Yep, that he be, Matey!!! And he is the real deal, that’s fer sure! Next weekend, if I can work it all out on this end, I hope to meet his other half, Quarter Master Seika at the NOLA Pyrate Week Parade and celebration in Pirate’s Alley!

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