LOWA 71st Annual Conference and Awards Banquet (and giveaway)


Well, I’ve only been home about an hour, and I hurried and unpacked, threw my dirty laundry in the washer, and uploaded a couple photos so hopefully I could sit down uninterrupted and get this post started and finished tonight. … Continue reading

What is LOWA, anyway?


Maybe I should give you a little background information on the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association before I post the third in the series about our 70th annual conference.  LOWA is the official professional organization for outdoor journalists in our state … Continue reading

LOWA 70th Annual Conference – Lake Verret Birds


As I said in the previous post, “to be continued“, and now I’m keeping my promise.  Plus, those of you who have been here awhile know that I’m a bird nerd and no trip is complete without a post about … Continue reading