One Extraordinary Spider

Dolomedes tenebrosus derives its name from the Greek for “wily” and the Latin for “dark.”  We call this three-inch spider, one of the largest in Louisiana, the dark fishing spider. The conniving arachnid can be found lurking in the swamps, on … Continue reading

Post-Nate Update

When it’s been a while since you’ve seen a new post here, I always start with “I’m alive”, and this time is no different.  I’m alive, and finally almost 100% well after being laid up with some kind of URI … Continue reading

Managing Risk . . .

First things first.  We’ve had tons of rain from the outer bands of Hurricane Harvey – although nothing compared to what the coast of TX and Houston have endured.  I had a brief email from my dear long-distance friend, Shoreacres, … Continue reading

Susan Harling Memorial Park

The Louisiana Outdoor Writers 72nd Annual Conference was held August 11th and 12th this past weekend in beautiful, historic Natchitoches, La.  Thanks to family willing to step in and take care of things at home for me, I was able … Continue reading



At least in much of Terrebonne Parish: An official from a major local land company and holder of hundreds of hunting leases in Terrebonne Parish, announced today that due to the rumors that the going price per foot for big … Continue reading