1st Annual Grand Isle Ladies' Fishing Rodeo


I had the privilege of participating in the Grand Isle First Annual Ladies’ Fishing Rodeo this past Friday and Saturday. The proceeds of the rodeo went to benefit American Cancer Society, and the participation was truly amazing. The weigh-in was from 3-5 PM and it took the whole two hours to weigh all the fish that women brought in. I have never seen so many huge bull reds in one location! The winning bull red weighed in at 29 pounds. I’m sorry I don’t have any pics from the rodeo weigh-in. I was too busy watching and enjoying the sportsmanship. The categories were:

Snapper, Mangrove, Cobia, Black Drum, Bull Red, Rat Red, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Sheephead

I weighed in a trout, sheephead, bull red, rat red, and a black drum. I could not find a flounder to save my life!!!

Here is the bull red I entered, but he was a baby compared to the winners!


Only one of my fish placed–The Black Drum and here it is . . . all 30.5 pounds!

A multi-hued sunset reflected perfectly on the water for the ride in Friday evening . . .

and the proud fisherman displaying her prize . . .It was filled with wonderful things like pink lures, pink body wash and pink wine!

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