New Year's Eve – 2011

It’s the end of another year, and I find myself sitting here at loose ends–so many things I should have gotten done in 2011 and did not, for whatever reasons. As time goes, it’s just another Saturday, but the fact that it’s the last Saturday of the year puts an undue pressure on me to get up and get something done. I started on Chapter 10 of the Adventures of Bayou Woman, but it’s not flowing, so I know it’s not the time to start a new chapter.

The Jolly Inn

In case you’re thinking that’s where Santa stays, think again. The Jolly Inn is a local, old-time dance hall in Houma, Louisiana, where you might find yourself having a jolly old time, if you just let your hair down and let your feet fly! That is exactly what Lil Sis and I did on one of her recent trips down the bayou.

Bayou Christmas Eve!

It’s a tradition down the bayou, to have a Christmas boat parade that takes Santa past all our houses, ending up down the bayou where he gets out of the boat and gives gifts to all the kids while everyone eats gumbo. As I watched the boat parade and took photos, a little story formed in my brain, and this poem is the result. I hope you enjoy it, mon amis!