Cajun Injustice

Maybe you’ve had the chance to catch an episode or two of the A & E reality series called “Cajun Justice” since its debut on June 5. Maybe you’ve had the chance to watch the show and just don’t want to admit that you actually sat through a whole thirty-minute episode. Or maybe you fall into the camp that says they have never and will never watch the show. But before you throw the Cajun out with the boiling pot, hear me out.

Crabby Women!

Not in the way you might think, though. Five adventurous ladies from four states showed up Friday afternoon ready and raring to get started on their bayou adventure, even without knowing what that entailed. I was hoping they would be “all in” with whatever I would throw their way, and they didn’t disappoint!

Dewberry or Blackberry Cordial

Dewberry or Blackberry Cordial

I know that people really can’t “roll in the grave”, which is what, if it were humanly possible, my teetotaling Great Grandmother Adelaide would have been doing last night while I was bottling up and capping said spirits in the kitchen long after everyone else had begun to slumber. Maybe the fact that I waited to do this late at night, in quiet solitude means somewhere back in my ancestry, there might have been some moon shiners doing the same thing in the backwoods of northern Alabama. But wait, Great Grandmother was a teetotaler.