Green Thumb Envy, Part 1

Good morning, friends, faithful readers, and first-timers. Do you feel neglected? If so, please accept my apology this morning. By way of explanation, just let me say that I’ve been digging my way out of a mountain of paperwork, now reduced to a molehill, while feeling a little puny all week. Puny. That’s a good word, a word my father used in reference to being just a little under the weather.

Photographers' Tour, Part 1

Busy, busy, busy, I have been. But any time I’m on the water, it’s a good busy! This story is definitely a two-parter, and this morning I’m struggling with which images to share with you. I took close to one hundred images on Monday’s tour with an amazing young woman photographer named Christy S., who is definitely going places with her artistic abilities.