Softer Side of Hunting

Even as a child, I liked to wander unexplored territories, as much as that was possible growing up in a subdivision. It was nothing for me to jump the backyard fence, cross the concrete ditch, and shimmy under the barbed wire in order to explore the field behind the house. As I grew older and with a bicycle as my free ride, I went as far as my imagination and legs could take me, which was often to a pecan tree-filled lot beside the junior high school.

First Deer Hunt

This past Saturday, our radio show topic was one I suggested–“women hunters”. Even though I’m not a hunter, I enjoyed moderating the show and sharing about the women hunters I’ve met this fall and what great gals they are.

One of those women hunters is an all-around outdoor woman who inspires me to the moon and back. She is Rene` Lofton Hatten, and I met her and Sammy this summer at our outdoor writer’s conference. She couldn’t believe the Bayou Woman wasn’t a hunter and invited me to the deer camp this fall, but you know how people say things to be polite and never follow through.