2nd Annual Pyrate Day — 48 Comments

  1. Thank you for mentioning us..:). I have not summoned the courage yet to try any of our peppers. The fear of invisible fire consuming my tongue kinda prevents me, lol . It makes for a great tasting jelly though..

    • If you’d like, you may post the link to the Youtube vide of your father-in-law tasting his first scorpion pepper! Great meeting you and look forward to getting to know you better and try more of your products!

  2. Sorry the weather didn’t cooperate, although what time you did have sounded successful. Have you mentioned the purple rice before? I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never seen or tasted it.
    BTW…I never try something spicy (peppers) without having a glass of milk handy to put out the fire.

    • I’ve never mentioned the purple rice, and I tell you what. I missed out on fodder for about five interesting pieces for y’all, but I was so preoccupied making sure things went smoothly all day that I just couldn’t relax, carry my camera, and talk to folks. That made me really sad at the end of the day. This rice is non GMO, has very high anti-oxidant qualities. They cooked some onsite in an elec. rice cooker, added a little garlic powder and salt, and I ate it plain. DELICIOUS! It’s a very healthy rice grown right here in La by a family business, and the family was there themselves.

  3. Man, I’m definitely making plans to come next year! You know RenRed would love to try some of those peppers. We made some candied jalapeños, and they are great! I’d love to try the purple rice. Should have put an order in with you. Will check out the websites.

    Love, love, love the fish!

  4. I’ve never heard of purple rice, but I think I’d like to try it. Is it yummy? Nice job on the Pyrate event!

  5. Love the photos and I will pass on the ghost and scorpion peppers. I know those things are HOT HOT HOT!! I happen to be married to a pepper lover and both of our kids and a couple of the grandkids love them too so, I plant different types each year. One of our favorites is the longhorn. Looks like the horns of its namesake. I love the light! I thought it was a soda bottle that had been worked on to look like a fish at first glance.

    • Well, I like peppers too but not those super hot ones. Daddy and I used to play “chicken” with peppers at the dinner table. Fond memories . . . . and I had never seen a fish bottle before. Looks like Blufloyd is familiar with them . . . .

  6. Ahhhhhhh alrighty a Pescevino bottle my fave Italian white table wine for making Italian Beef. Haven’t seen it in ages though….

    • REALLY? Is that what they are? I figured they were just a cheap reproduction of something . . . and probably are . . . a repro of that very wine bottle you mentioned!

    • Hey if youy facebook . helloooo…. anybody??? Please try and find out why I am getting spammed by friend requests. I have no account so no access to the freaking mess that is facebook.

      Ok back to whatever…. I just deal with nose and tummy issues.

      • Blu, does that mean you’re getting emails from Facebook? As a FB user, I don’t get any emails from Facebook other than page view updates if I requested such notification. So, I have no clue why you’re getting those. Anyone else have a clue?

      • Blu they do me that way, not much you can do, they just can’t stand for someone NOT to be social networking.

        Everyday FB send that message, “you don’t realize how many of your friends are looking for you on FB”….LOL

        If they are my friends they know I don’t do that….LOL

  7. Looks like ya did a fine job BW. You are just getting out in the public eye, next you’ll be running for alderman or something. You know with all that spare time you have……

    Congrats on a job well done. Next year talk to the tribe about doing and anti-rain dance. Maybe J.Paul can help out.

  8. A hearty THANK YE to Wendy, Dr. Bee and all those who helped wrangle this event together with us – a lot o’ hard (and often frustrating) tasks were accomplished with grace and determination! Thank ye to all the fantastic Merchants/Artisans who showed up, setup and welcomed visitors throughout the day inspite o’ the weather (it did cooperate for the most part) – and thanks to the lovely ladies o’ the Terrebonne Parish Library and the fine crew from the Regional Military Museum. Thanks to the fine folks from “Street Survivors” for showing up on their bikes in questionable weather to support us – these folks are fundraisers for many local causes, most helping Children and families (and they added a Boudreaux and a Thibadeax to our Theriot and Cheramie for truly Cajun representation!)…and the folks from Thunder Roads Magazine, Louisiana for helping promote the event & cause farther and wider.
    A special thank ye to our Sponsors, Rush Rice Products (Blanca Isabel Rice), Louisiana Spirits (Bayou Rum), Pirates Alley Cafe (New Orleans)…and o’ course Camp Dularge – our sanctuary in the Bayou!
    The spirit o’ the Bayou and all our ancestors certainly was with us – everyone had a grand time!

  9. What a wonderful event. It sounds like it had just the right mix of music, food and fun events for people to participate in or watch. That purple rice is intriguing. I’ll have to read to see if the color’s natural or if they’ve developed it to match the LSU colors. Up in College Station, where the Texas A&M colors are maroon and white, they’ve developed maroon this and that among the veggies, for fun and (I suppose) profit. The first time I saw a maroon carrot, I nearly died. Tasted good, though.

    It’s good to hear Mr. Porche is recovering nicely, too.

    • @Shoreacres…FYI, maroon carrots weren’t develeoped – they’re supposed to be that colour! “Heritage (or Heirloom) Carrots” are the “origina of the species” if ye will – and while they do occur in orange, they grow natuarally in purple, white and yellow too! Applies to most vegetables (heirloom tomatoes are not red – sort of purple-brown-green mix).
      Usually taste better too…

      If ye really want a treat, try some “heirloom cacao” (a debated terminology – but basically, the REAL Cacao from whence the original, very good for ye, chocolate comes from!)

  10. Oh, my. Pyrate Day sure sounds like something that would be right up my alley. Pyrates, rice (Purple? Really? Cool!), rafts, crafts and PEPPERS!

    Those fish lights are neat looking.

    I love my hot peppers and hot sauces but I’ve never gotten too terribly high up the Scoville Scale. I can manage jalepenos and cayennes but the thought of eating a scorpion or ghost pepper kinda puts the brakes on! lol

    I’m not surprised to hear that you were able to pull off taking over the reins. I knew you could do it.

    • @Gue’ – ye might be surprised by how far up the Scoville sacle ye can travel – safely – with folk who know what they’re doing, like “All Things Pepper”.
      While the heat is important, the FLAVOUR is paramount! Smoked and blended in proper proportions with appropriate added ingredients, something as hot as Trinidad Scorpions becomes extremely flavourful – and with heat, but not burn.
      Most “hot sauce” on the shelf is only concerned with being hotter than the next guy – and totally devoid of flavour (most have the same 3 ingredients and the peppers aren’t smoked or properly marinated). I know a chap who makes his own sauces and the “tame” sauce uses Ghost Peppers…his latest includes Mouga Scopion and Maple Syrup!

      • Capt. John, you’re so right about flavor being paramount. While I like the heat, if it doesn’t have a good flavor, I won’t use it.

        No offense to anyone that likes it but I hate Texas Pete and it can be hard to find anything else locally.

        I found some Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce at Big Lots one time and it was great. It must have been a one time thing, as I haven’t seen it since. The local grocers don’t carry much of a selection.

        What I’d like to find is a hot sauce hot and tasty enough for me but will burn the bejesus out of anyone at work who helps themselves to it from the break room icebox without asking first! I’ve tried putting my name on it, a note to ask first, etc, etc and when I go to get some, the bottle is mostly empty. Or gone. Grrrrrrrr………

        I keep crushed red pepper flakes and chili powder in my desk drawer to spice up my soups and whatnot for lunch, since I’ve had no luck keeping sauce in the icebox.

        • Gue I don’t think I ever kept hot sauce in the reefer. My tabasco, Louisiana Hot sauce, Pick a Pepper, Tiger Sauce, They all sit in the cabinet with the spices. I always figured they were brined……

          Same with Mayo, it doesn’t need to be kept cool, but once you cool it, it has to be or it breaks. Unrefrigerated fresh eggs last a couple a months at sea in the bilges and its just egg whites. And old Cajun man and his wife that lived in a shack on a spud barge taught me that.

          They might separate, but they always did in the old days and ya just stir it back up or shake it.

          • People think I’m crazy when I tell them this truth about eggs, especially if they are FRESH and have never been refrigerated. My father-in-law was a shrimper, and with a tiny ice box, the eggs took up too much room, so they sat on the counter in the galley. No need to refrigerate at all, at least for their short voyages. I don’t refrigerate my hot sauce, either. Not mustard, not ketcup (?), but I do mayo. I guess, again, because Mamma always did and it contains egg. It’s great to see y’all are carrying on the conversation without me. I have been “swamped”, no pun intended!!!!!

          • Iffen THAT’S the case, I’ll stash a bottle at my desk.

            Been using the Try Me brands (Louisiana Sunshine and Cajun Sunshine), which I can find at one or two local grocers.

            As mentioned, most of the stores carry Texas Pete or yer basic Tabasco and that’s about it.

            When I find something different, I grab it and give it a try.

  11. Captain John, does your friend sell that sauce w/maple syrup? I would love to try some.

    Gue, I am Texan and I don’t like Texas Pete sauce either. I do like Franks in my stews and soups and hubby is addicted to Tobasco. You can sign up on Amazon to be notified if/when the Hells Kitchen sauce becomes available again. My daughter loved a particular hot sauce that we bought at the farmers market but, it was discontinued and she can’t find another to replace it. I hate when they do that with favorite foods. Tease us with them then quit supply them. UGH

  12. Uncle Nathan’s Hot Sauce – made in Hamilton, ON (Canada)
    That one is called FML (Flaming Maple Leaf)
    I’m sure he’d ship it if ye ask – it’s all available by the case (get an assortment) or usually in sample packs o’ 3 bottles!
    Tell him I sent ye…

    FYI, his sauces include twenty two ingredients including roasted garlic, ginger, apple, pineapple, along with fresh herbs. All Natural, Gluten Free

    • thanks, I’ll check those out. With the dearth of sauce choices around here, I may be forced to break out and use the credit card!

      There was a place downtown in the Tourist Mecca Area that carried dozens of different hot sauces but I think they closed. I hate going down there. Too many people and no parking.

      • I recall the place ye mentioned – mostly filled with “burn yer a##” type bottles – nothing o’ flavour.
        Outside o’ a good sauce, I’m partial to “Slap Ya Mama” spice blends – good flavour, nice heat, no MSG or weird ingredients. Sadly, MSG is in MANY Louisiana based spice blends…and while we used to put it on popcorn back in the ’60s before we knew better, it should be avoided (often what affects folk poorly in spice blends – not the spice!).

    • Oh the pleasure was all mine! It’s great seeing families working together! And I love the crab apple jelly, too! I’m planning to pull out all 4 flavors next time we grill duck breasts and see which one is the favorite of my family! Look forward to seeing you at next year’s Third Annual Pyrate Day on April 5th.

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