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  1. Looks like a ton of fun. I can’t believe Termite has grown so much. You have a great family and are truly blessed.
    If I had been close enough, I would have enjoyed joining the fun. Haven’t fished in many, many years. Too dangerous to go out alone or even with someone in this area and no boat.

    • Yep, he’s all grown up. Works on tugboats and made his way up to Tankerman, just like his oldest brother. Has his own vehicle and place to live now. It was a rocky road there for a while, but he found his footing and is doing well. I would have picked you up and brought you if you were close enough! About fishing alone–my kids don’t really like me doing that any more, so I don’t go fishing alone nearly as much as I used to. I guess they’re afraid something might happen, and I won’t make it back home! I don’t feel that disabled yet, however! What my brain thinks and what my body can actually do are two different things these days. It’s the curse of growing older, yes?

  2. Captain Wendy, I enjoy reading your posts. Your style of writing made me feel as if I were a part of the fishing tournament. I got a kick out of your descriptions of the door prize contest.

    • Thanks so much, Caroline. I envy those travel writers who are so eloquent and use beautiful, flowery descriptive phrases, but I’m pretty much just shrimp and potatoes when it comes right down to it. I guess maybe more of a recounting of events in story fashion? Regardless, glad you are here, read it, and got a feel for the fun! I’m still smiling about my middle son predicting the youngest winning that princess backpack. It’s these times that make me forget about all the trials and hard times of raising these children. Peace!

  3. Kudos to you, Wendy, and all the other volunteers who helped with this event. My fingers are crossed for better fishing conditions next year. Loved the story, pictures and video!

    • Hi Cynthia and thanks for stopping by again! So great to hear from you, always! There is some discussion about holding this in Sept. next year, as October is the “fair and festival” month, and our event was competing with two other major bayou events. I’m sure that cut down on participation. Bad planning on our part, but we picked our date so early that the two other events had not been posted yet. Learning from our mistakes will go a long way toward next year’s planning. This event did, however, raise about $5,000 for the DCC, which was our intention from the beginning.

  4. I suppose we’ll have to hail him as “Princess Termite” now? LOL
    Congrats on both a fantastic event and a great job raising those lads!

  5. Thank you for all of your work, getting the brochures printed, selling tickets (to all of your family) and helping to publicize the Fishing Rodeo. I’m hoping for an even more successful event in 2016!

    • I’m not sure who you are, Spiderlily, (Joyce?), but you are most welcome; and truly, it was a team effort. Mr. Delvin Foret was really our go-to guy with all his rodeo experience. I, for one, would still be floundering without his knowledge! I’m sure you contributed, also, so thank you so much!

  6. This sounds like so much fun! It’s a shame that the weather didn’t cooperate, but no committee in the world can do anything about that.

    This weekend is supposed to be another of the big Speckmaster tournaments here. You might find something on the site of interest, or helpful. On the main page of the link, there’s a Mickey Eastman video that’s great. Mickey’s the one I told you about who has the radio Outdoor show every week. I can’t believe i just sat here and watched the full video — that 8.33 pounder he catches is some fish!

    It looks like they’re going to have weather problems, too. And the big Harvest Moon Regatta is supposed to start on Thursday — sailboat racing from Galveston to Port Aransas. There are marine warnings out already, so we’ll see.

    I was trying to remember where I’ve heard of Five Bayous before. I think it must have been the community center — somehow it was connected with Bayou Grace, right? I remember seeing a map of them all. It was the perfect name for your event! Well done!

    • Linda, thanks for sending along the video link, and I’ll watch when I can. No, the weather won’t be their friend this weekend, I’m afraid. The term “5 Bayous” probably originated with Bayou Grace, since their purpose was serving the five bayou communities after the storms in 2005 and again in 2008. However, you also read it in a blog post here from November 2014, which may very well be the “map” to which you refer. After the first set of storms, I did presentations to disaster relief volunteers and had asked a friend of mine to design a graphic depicting the visual we used at the time of the palm of the hand representing Houma, or the hub, and the five fingers representing the five bayou communities. If you are recalling that from my post, I’m impressed with your memory!

    • Oh man! Those were some nice trout, especially the 8.33 pounder. I’d LOVE to catch a trout that size. Notice how he never shows the lure in the video? He has good form, see how he keeps the rod tip up on those trout? And how about that yellow-fin tuna on light tackle! Awesome! Can you tell I enjoyed it? 🙂

  7. My niece is married to a professional bass pro. He is also a fireman but his first love is fishing and he participates in a lot of tournaments. Even his young daughter is crazy about fishing.

    • A fishing fireman! How cool! There’s lots of money to be made in the professional bass circuit, but it is hard work in addition to fun! I’m glad to hear his daughter loves fishing. She could be a pro female bass fisherman!

      • He is an all around sportsman. He has already gotten his bow kill of a deer this fall. The gorgeous bass boat he uses while fishing was one of the prizes in a tournament a few years back. The daughter is about 9 or 10 now and she has been fishing since about 3.

  8. I’m sorry to hear the weather and other activities had a negative impact on the tournament. Hope scheduling works out better next year.
    Btw, As teens, my children participated in a church mission weekend at the center. I think they brought home more paint on their clothes than they put on the walls.

    • Be sure and thank those now-adult children of yours for their volunteer work down in Dulac. Could’ve been family they helped! I had forgotten that you are a Methodist and may have known about the DCC!

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