Spring is busting out all over in Bayou Country

Seeing is believing, so they say. First, I saw with my own eyes, and now you get to see through the lens of my camera. I live in the most marvelous wonderland called coastal Louisiana.
These images all come from the marsh near my home, taken yesterday between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. on private land, accessible only by shallow boat. I must have left my heart there, because the longing to go back is overwhelming. . .

Our fishing trip started before the moon went to bed and before the sun woke up.
This is where my host, Capt. Droopy, put a hurtin on me with his stealth trout-catching skills. He said I wasn’t thinking enough like a fish. I was, but maybe not the right fish!
Truth is, I’ve caught plenty of trout over the last few years, but I’ve never spent an extended amount of time photographing the marsh in spring. Once the sun rose high above us, I was a wee bit distracted by things like
purple iris . . .canals draped with Spanish moss . . .swamp lilies . . .bronze beauties biting my hook. . .

gators watching from the water and the banks . . .

gallinules staring from the shore . . .
and roseate spoonbills starting at the sound of the boat.

Every high has its low, and I am trying not to come down from this high too soon. These photos are still holding me speechless as I stare at them on my computer screen. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. I used to have the La. irises and those lilies growing wild in my back yard. Alas, no more. So I’m ordering some from you, fuzzy cuzzy. Could ya ship those babies to me ASAP?!

    Really, these pictures are drop-your-jaw spectacular. Dang I hope to Pete you had a close up lens for that gator. Way too close for me if not. The gallinule is stunning. Guss I’ll have to google it to find out more.

    When are you going to publish a photography book?

    I tried transplanting the white lilies one time, but it wasn’t damp enough! A photography book? You give me way too much credit Cuz. Just cuz you love me!!!

  2. Wow! what lovely photos. Makes me want to come for a visit and drift down your bayou.

    My Dad was a Louisiana boy, and he had many stories to tell of snakes and eels and scorpions–but also of fun and adventures and strangeness.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Susanna! I plan to pay you a visit, too! I’m sure you’ve heard some great stories!

  3. I’m ready for another marsh tour! And what a treat for you to see the spoonbills! Just lovely!

    Reminds me of the March we went a few years back! That was the last time I was out there, too!

  4. Move over C.C. (Lockwood)!!! Great photos!

    Oh, yea, right!!! You must want something!! What is it?

  5. Wait just a minute! You do this as -your job-??? You are one lucky gal!

    Or, as my grandpa likes to remind me, you never do a day of work in your life if you love what you’re doing.

    Happy spring to you!

    Happy Spring back atcha, Trish! Well, I don’t get to go into that particular area every day, but yes I do take people out to see the wetlands on a regular basis, or take them fishing. I was actually the guest of another local (excellent) fishing guide that day. That is actually his territory, and he shared it with me!

  6. Had to stop by and revisit the day. Glad you enjoyed the outing. We’ll do it again.

    When? LOL!!!! Thanks again, Droops, I’m still reliving it every down moment my mind has!

  7. What great photos! I haven’t been here in awhile to check it out. Sure wish I was back in LA experiencing spring. No spring where we are right now.

    Was thinking of you today and how I needed to drop you an email asking how the nomadic life is going?

  8. I think the spanish moss pic would be a pretty header on stationary, or at least a post card!!. Love your pics, Are the roseate spoonbills there year round?? They are so striking. I want to go fishing with you AND I want a swamp tour!!! lol. Will email you soon about planning a tour, the when/who/how much/ where to book lodgings, etc, etc….but your pics are making me drool big time.
    Deb in Tx…itching to go fishin…