Slaving on a skiff! — 14 Comments

    • I would love to have your engine, but it put the rig out of my price range . . .even used!!! It is a sweet boat, though. Put her through the paces in rolling waves and rough chop. She did great! Extra battery charger? I have two batteries for the rolling motor, and they are hooked up to the charger. That motor sucks the juice out of them pretty good when I use it for fishing.

      • You shouldn’t need a extra charger,the 115 has a 35 amp charger and if you put your trolling motor batteries on a battery switch with your main battery you can charge them in minutes by switching them to “all” and running the engine. I went to a gel cell Die Hard,expensive but well worth the money and it has a 3 year FULL replacement warranty.

        • Well, I think I have things that way because I don’t run my engine enough to keep them charged and ready for the next trip. I will have to ask my mechanic why we moved the charger from old boat to this one.

  1. Looks good! I just want to know if you ”Googled” fiberglass repair? I would absolutely have had to. Maybe for the wiring too! How was the maiden charter this weekend? Hope you put them on some fish.
    Going to Grand Isle tomorrow. Just a short trip. We’ll head home on Wed. My cousin and our Pennsylvania friends are there now. I hope to get in SOME fishing, but this trip will be more socializing than fishing.

    • I hope you find clean sand, my dear. I hear there are places where the oil just oozes out. Does this mean all of the beach is now miraculously OPEN, only a month after all that secret cleanup humbug? That is pretty dog gone amazing. Can’t wait for a first-hand report from you about how things look. If anyone would know if things are amiss, it would be YOU! Have a great time!

      About the fiberglass, I have a very good friend who is a mechanic, boat builder, and basically jack-of-all-trades who helped and advised.

  2. The boat looks good, slim, trim and ready to rock! Fiberglass repair is no fun. Hubby is restoring an old ’49 pickup and has been since the late ’80s and we have done a lot of patching, sanding, priming and etc. I say restoring but, it is more like “tinkering” since he gets it together, takes it apart for some little mistake and redoes it over and over. At least it keeps him out of my hair and occupied. LOL!! Hope the charter went great.

  3. I second Heather’s pronouncement—-BAB is a beauty! Ya done good BW. Can’t wait to hear about all the new adventures in chartering. Did y’all get a touch of the cold spell that just blew through out here in the Hill Country?

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