7 weird things minus 1

Recently, some of us bloggers played a game of tag. Once tagged, we had to post 7 weird things about ourselves. Well, I just want to tell all you of who commented or emailed me about being afraid to cut my hair. It’s not a drastic change, but I went to the “beauty shop” (old school for stylist) and got a little maintenance and a little update. But first, how about a little hair history?

All through high school I had long, straight, parted-in-the-middle blonde hair. They used to call it “dirty” blonde. I never did consider that a compliment, either. I mean, strawberry blonde just sounds so much more romantic, don’t you agree?. During my freshman year of college, my steady boyfriend of 3 years was stepping out on me at his college, and that just got me over my fear of cutting my hair.

My part-time job was working at a local grocery store. One day while working up in the office, high above the crowds, I spied a young woman with the cutest hair cut I had ever seen. I ripped out of that office cubicle, raced up to her, and asked her who cut her hair. Just my luck . . . she cut it herself and she’d be glad to do mine. It would be just like me to meet a stranger at her apartment and trust her with my first major hair cut since first grade.

Do you remember the precision cut? Well, that’s what I got, and then I had to go find me one of those new innovative hair-drying devices called a “blow dryer”. Seriously, prior to that, I didn’t own one. Since I didn’t know how to use one, the one time I tried my friend’s dryer, my hair looked like Janis Joplin’s hair on a good day!

So, here’s then . . . . Bangs in 1974 (Sorry about picture quality. This was the best I could do with this photo.)


and now


And for all of you who want me to cut the rest of my hair short, well, maybe I will consider it after I lose 20 pounds! Nothing like incentive, I always say.

Oh, and one other thing–remember my list?  One of the items was the fact that my nose runs when I eat.  I might have to take that off my list, too, because Heather found yesterday what it is and how to fix it.  Skip over here to find out more!


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  1. You are looking in different directions. Maybe that is code for something… As for cutting your hair, be brave, and if it doesn’t work out, wear a hat for a while.

  2. Lovely! I want to see it full length. Have Rach take a pic.

    She did and I won’t post it!. She took this one, also! I’ll think about it. Of course, it will never look “beauty shop” fresh again.

  3. It took me a long time to get brave enough to cut my hair short – now I’d never go back. It feels too good to have nothing to worry about when I’m outside. I have to say I like you with bangs. I want to see the rest of the picture!

    Thanks for the compliment, Kim. Ha! You’re not the only one who’s asked for the whole picture! Maybe one day!