A bayou, a boy, a dog and some decoys.

This is the golden Lab that “found” this boy in his very own yard on a lovely spring afternoon.

“Hey Mom, watch what Sis can do!”

So, he throws the little stuffed duck way out,

and she retrieves it every time–without fail.

And she brings it right to the boy and gives it to him. These dogs are amazing animals. They’ve been at this for two hours, and she never seems to tire of retrieving this toy duck for him. I am told that Labradors can’t help themselves–they love the water. They even have webbed feet to help them swim.

This really is a dream come true for this boy. He was given his first ever shotgun this past November, and both his older brothers took him duck hunting, but they had no dog to retrieve the ducks. The way I understand it, the hunters hide in a duck blind, shoot the ducks, and leave them where they fall. At some point of lull in the action, the retriever is sent out to get the ducks and bring them back to the master.

The boy is thoroughly convinced that this is now his dog and that she should be allowed to stay. “Sis” slept in his room last night, but I’m not sure about her name. I’d like to call her “Jaune”, which is the word for yellow in French.

What do you say about her name? And should we keep her?

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  1. Should you keep her?! YES. This darlin’ was sent to y’all (the boys really) for a reason. Some of our wishes and prayers are answered and his was, as was the dog’s. Yep, someone ditched her for some reason but now she is your blessing. What a great deal for everyone!

    Dropped off animals are the best; they’re so greatful to see you and will love you forever. I can’t hardly wait to meet her. I’m just waiting for my next “drop off” to come into our life.

  2. Every child needs a dog! We have four. Good luck!

    Well, I agree on the one dog, but we already had one dog! I’m not sure I can handle 4. This lab is turning out to be quite several hands full!

  3. Is Jaune pronounced the same as Jean in French? What about Daffodil? Hmm? Yellow, spring, my favorite flower….

    Yes, it is pronounced the same, but you don’t say the “n” at all–just Jau. And Daffodil is cute, but you’ve forgotten the rule that Daddy taught us about dogs only hearing the first syllable you accent, so she’d only here “Daf” anyway! Besides, this is a “manly” dog for hunting, ya know?! I can hear it now, “Fetch here, Daffodil!”

  4. Oh no……let her stay….Last summer I was blessed with someone leaving one in my yard. He is so loving and oh so smart. ‘Mac’ is the same color as this one with golden eyes and the brownest nose. He makes many trips to the pond each day to get wet and then he thinks that you have to be wet also……but I love him!

    Well, I did let her stay, but we had to be gone yesterday, and when we got back, she was gone. I think the owner might have driven back down and reclaimed her, because we have always left her loose and she never strayed from here. Not sure what happened, though. She had the same golden eyes, and I was getting attached to her.

  5. As a rule…..the larger the dog the longer the puppy stage….she/he should grow out of the “over-energetic” stage. Small dogs’ puppy stage lasts about a year, large dogs about two years…Just don’t read “Marly and Me”…lol. Good Luck.

    Well, Deb, Jaune is gone. See above comment. Now you know I want to go read Marley and Me!!!!