What is this bird in my yard?

Ok, can’t stay here long, cuz it’s late and I gotta get some rest, as I must get an early start in the morning.

I did manage to get one quick photo of this bird while it was stalking crawfish in my yard!

I would like one of you who is a NON BIRDER to take some wild guesses as to what this bird is.

And please make your guesses good and funny so I can laugh really hard when I come home from slaving all day!

Ok, let her rip, folks!

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  1. Ah, you took all the fun out of it for me! 🙂 I won’t say a thing. Hope you had fun working.

    You could have had fun like Stephanie! She got really creative with her idea of what this is! Sorry, I knew you would know, so I headed you off beforehand!

  2. Your ‘mystery Bird” is the elusive Spotted Cocodrie Cajun Crustacean Catcher . These birds are trained (by Cajuns) to seek out “crawfish mud huts”, so the cajuns will know where to put their crawfish traps. If the bird is not a good hunter,and doesn’t “produce” they are plucked, deep fried, and eaten. (Cajuns don’t waste anything)

    I’m told they taste like chicken. This is also the reason this bird is on the endangered species list.

  3. What a hoot, Steph!! I can’t do better!!! I was gonna say the bird is a green heron – but what do I know!


    No, it’s not a green heron! But that’s a good guess!

  4. Looks like the rare Speckled Brown Bayou Chicken Legged Crawdad Flamingo. I’ve only seen one other one and it tasted like armadillo. One key is that you will never find one within 100 miles of a young Yellow Crowned Night Heron. They are natural enemies and do not share habitat. So, if there are any Night Herons around it might not be a Crawdad Flamingo. The way the knees bend could also be a clue.

  5. Oh my gosh! Y’all are amazing! Stephanie, I do believe you should be a fiction writer! Are you a fiction writer? LOL! And Pete, welcome to the bayou and I love your name for the bird, also!

    I’ll let this go for the night and post updates on Monday, if possible!

    Thanks for the responses, all!


  6. That is a crawdaddy egret. He looks young and skinny too ! I wish I was that skinny !!

    Another good one, Doris!

  7. It’s the seldom seen Long-legged-whysmy-headsofreakin’-big? in it’s natural habitat: a Studabaker.

    Oh my gosh, Emilie! You definitely need a vacation! When you coming down?