A contest just for you! CONTEST OVER

What are you playing for?  Well, SusieCR has very generously donated her prize BACK to the readers of BW.  She can’t redeem it and doesn’t want it to vanish into thin air.  I would be less than an honest bayou hostess if I didn’t pass this re-gift on to you, the few, the faithful BW readers!

Again, what IS it?

It is a free night at Camp Dularge!  This contest is for those of you who might have been halfway serious about coming down here and taking a Wetland Tour or going fishing with BW!

The following photos are cropped from photos posted on this blog in the past year:  September to September.   Your assignment, should you decide to take it, is to find each original photo  and:

FIRST:  Type the photo label (Photo A) as it appears on this page, then type the below information, numbered as below.

1)  Type the name of the photo, not the words under it or over it!

2) Type the title of the blog post, exactly as it appears on the blog page

For example:  Photo A    1)*********   2)***********

See?  Easy breezy!

THE FIRST PERSON who has everything absolutely right — no second guesses, no alternate guesses, no typos, everything must be EXACTLY as it appears in the post—WILL BE THE WINNER!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Please don’t be too put out with me for making a couple of these a wee bit difficult!

Good luck!

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  1. let’s get rolling. Fire next door on the tilapia herb ranch. Firetrucks and policia’s be keeping me up all night I bet. No smoked or poached fishies dang it all.

  2. I’ll give this a shot tomorrow. It’s too late to start tonight. Not to mention, my eyes aren’t working too good tonight. I can’t even tell what some of the photos are…with or without my glasses!

  3. “answers removed”

    THANKS FOR TRYING, CAMMY! BUT YOUR ANSWERS WERE NOT EXACT!!! Sorry to be so picky, but remember, the prize is worth it! BW

      1. Sounds like a great idea. While I’m working on this, can you finish the powerpoint, program descriptions, and the fact sheet, pick up the snacks for the bayou bash, help test the sound equipment, get the mail, check the voicemail, balance Miss Walterine’s checkbook, scrub the bathroom, walk the Blue dog, video yourself, edit the video, and save the planet?

  4. “answers removed”

    Great try, DS!!! But I hate to tell you, it was not exactly correct!!! I have clarified the directions to make something more explicit. You may try again!

  5. Okay, i wasn”t going to strain my eyes this time……..but everyone else is being lazy. So far i have all but one…..but my eyes and body are tired. Try again tomorrow.Would probably have it if my printer was working !

    1. Yes, BigSis, you are the BOMB when it comes to this game BUT you know you can stay at Camp Dularge any time you want! I was hoping to pull some lurkers out of the closet with this one and hopefully get some new faces down the bayou!!!!

      So, when you coming?

  6. Ok…I don’t follow directions. This will be the last time I try. If I happen to get the closest, please give it to someone who is really serious about coming or however you choose.

    “answers removed”

    1. Okay, DS. You had one incorrect answer.

      Thanks for racking your brain to play this game, but, you know the door is ALWAYS open to you, right? So, when you coming down?

  7. Ok, here goes. If I don’t win I still had fun going over old posts and seeing how far things have come in the past year. But just in case, I am clearing a weekend on my schedule right now!

    “answers removed”

    1. Mrs. Coach: You had one incorrect answer and one typo. I’m so glad you had fun going over old posts!!! Things really do change in a year around here, huh? Thanks for being such a good sport and for being a regular at BW!

  8. Okay, there are discrepancies here. I’m sorry to retract my previous winner announcement. This has gone into “official review” and the winner will be announced tonight, if either one of current entries is correct. If not, we will go again.

    DS, your second try was “legal”; however, the third try has been eliminated.

    Okay, I’m stepping out of “judge” mode and into friend mode to tell you I am NEVER doing this contest again. It’s too complicated!!!!! Ah yes, it’s all coming back to me why I only do this once a year! Anyway, sorry that DS’s third attempt had to be deleted. So, so, very very sorry!


  9. Am I the only one whos eyes felt like they were crossing while doing this contest? LOL! It was fun and I caught up on a lot of past reading and even got to go back over some I had already been over.

    I am hoping to get thru some more soon too. This is one interesting site!

  10. I think i got them all, but going to let the others fight over it. Besides thats too much typing for this keyboard impaired girl.

  11. I QUIT! I’ve started 2 times and “something” happened going back and forth. I should have printed the pics then used paper and pen. So……………I quit!
    By this time a winner has been decided and I’ll still be doing this one when next year’s contest is announced!

  12. Good morning, everyone. We still have NO WINNER! I will let this ride a while longer . . . . remember, you only get one try now that the instructions have been clarified.

  13. Dang, taken down by a typo. I’m over looking the one incorrect answer, I’m just upset at the typo! LOL, just kidding, it was fun. I printed the pictures out and wrote it out in pen then typed it in. No telling what I actually put, I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

    1. Honey, you left the “e” off the end of a word!!!! Looks like nobody else is brave enough. You girls just may get a showdown!!!

      I think DS is not talking to me now!


  14. Okay, this thing took me pretty much all day. I looked through all 128 pages of this blog and I got them all except for Photo A on the first run of those pages. Then, I looked through all 128 pages again… still did not find Photo A! So… I was looking through them for a third time and I finally saw Photo A! Photo A is actually lighter than the picture in the post which is most likely why I didn’t catch it at first. So yeah, about 300 blog pages later, here are the answers! Phew!

    Photo A 1) cattlestampede 2) Hurricane Ike-Bayou Dularge, LA-The Animals
    Photo B 1) Carpet 1 2) Camp Dularge Renovations Continue
    Photo C 1) drsunrise 2) I’m going fishing . . .
    Photo D 1) church 2) Hurricane Ike: The flooding of Bayou Dularge, LA
    Photo E 1) riverboatwedding2 2) Creole Queen Riverboat Wedding
    Photo F 1) Cooked rice 2) Let’s cook some Shrimp Boulette!

    1. DING DING DING DING DING!!!! We have a winner!!! Congratulations, Rocky! Do you have a few friends that can share this prize with you? Please contact me via email when you think you would like to come.

      Thanks to everyone who played and stopped by during this chaos!


      1. THANK GOODNESS! Congrats Rocky and thank you for stopping this madness! Alright, BW, fish…I want to see fish. One fish, two fish, red fish…on my pole.

  15. CwitdR gots to learn code. ‘Wave at R_S for me this weekend.’ be’s code for ‘jeez woman give us a break’ Rosetta stone got a cajun edition yet?

    Garage sale weekend here so cleaning the garage/tackle box is out till Sunday.

  16. I’ve beeen without my computer for more than a month and decided to look-see what was happen’ here. Jeeish! Too much for my addled brain to conjure up where to begin the search for these beauties. Good luck to all entries.

  17. Merci, Merci Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must be having “puter” problems. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to post this.

  18. Congrats to Rocky on the win. Forwarded your blog music to some folk I know.

    My high speed internet just got ‘improved’ so now streaming media is worse than dial up. They are gonna get a call….

    Maybe at 4.30 am it’ll play??? I ought to wake the headbangers in the ‘hood.