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  1. After seeing your bird photo, I realized I haven’t seen any Red winged Blackbirds this year. I usually have many at my feeders. I also don’t have the number of Doves or Hummingbirds.
    Nice article about you and all that you do. So glad you attached the article here. It will save me time and gasoline trying to find it around ttown.

    • Some folks mentioned having trouble getting to page 2 of the online article. Did you? If so, close it, reopen it, scroll down and click “next” instead and see if that works.

  2. That little Sesame Street life jacket… is it yours? And if not, didn’t we have one JUST like it?

  3. I had no trouble opening the 2nd page. I THINK I clicked on the “2” instead of “next page”. CRS!
    However, I just did it again and had no problem accessing both pages. (clicked 1&2 and next )

  4. I’m so glad I was able to read the article online. I still have someone in LA picking up a copy for me. I hope it brings you lots of business and more exposure!

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