A day in the life . . .

might look something like this . . .

Migratory birdsAfter I open my eyes, put the kettle on to boil for my morning tea, I go out on the porch to feed the cats.  Then, I put seed out for the hungry travelers like these red-winged black birds and bronzed cow birds.

Porch JasmineOn my way back to the porch steps, I pause and observe just how full and gorgeous the Confederate Jasmine are this year, and then I think how this time next year, they might be making a new start at the new house.

Fragrant JasmineBack on the porch, I breathe in the heady aroma of the delicate white flowers.  The fragrance is so sweet I can almost taste it.

Jasmine BeeThis carpenter bee surely could not resist the smell or the taste!

Bromiliad FlowerAlso among the jasmine I see a unique-looking flower which has sprouted forth from a parent Bromeliad.  They are in the same family as pineapple and our local “Spanish Moss”, which isn’t really a moss at all but an “epiphyte”.  Epiphytes don’t need soil in which to live, and they collect water on their leaves and down in the center pocket of the leaf junctions.  I recently split up a pot full of these and I plan to experiment with letting them live like true air plants, as they were created to do.

I don’t have time to dally this day, because I have a fishing charter with a young family visiting from California.

Family charterBy 9 a.m. Mommy and T-John are fishing off my boat,

Daddy and sisterwhile Daddy and big sister try their luck on the bank.

On the bankIt is a great day to be out on the  water, and it’s the children’s first time to be on the water in their mother’s native South Louisiana.

Dad and kidsDaddy tries to get T-John to kiss this trout for good luck, but he just isn’t too sure about that!

Camp Dularge SignAfter the fishing charter is over, my deckhand son and I unload the boat, rinse the reels, clean the ice chest and put away all the gear.  Then we check the cement in the post holes, and finding it dry, we backfill the holes with soil.  Of course, we have to put away the wheel barrow, shovel, string, hammer, etc. before we leave Camp Dularge.  How ya like our new sign?Country Roads MagazineThere’s nothing like getting home to a reward like a copy of Country Roads in the mail–especially when it has a feature article in it about one’s self!

Country Roads Magazine articleYou might even recognize the crab photo!   And check out that title:  “Who Knew Wonder Woman Could Fish?”  Melissa Bienvenu is a very  entertaining writer who has a regular column in Louisiana Life called “The Rural Life”.  The photographer, Darlene Aguillard, is very good at what she does–Real Life Photos.  I never got around to blogging about that fishing trip, so you can read about it here.  All told there were three moms and their sons on board for that charter.  We all had a great time!

Advocate Travel SectionThe mail this day is just chockfull of nice things–a copy of the article I wrote for the Advocate Travel Section and a check to go along with it!  That’s always nice!

Termite and I didn’t eat much while fishing today, so by the time we finish everything, we decide to order pizza.  We enjoy our pizza, some TV, and a quiet evening at home.

So, there you have it.  A day in the life of Bayou Woman.

Hope spring has sprung where you are.  The bayou is racing rapidly into summer as our temps are now staying in the 80’s each afternoon.

Until next time,

I am still your Wonder Woman!

And don’t you forget it! LOL!

Bayou Woman

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  1. After seeing your bird photo, I realized I haven’t seen any Red winged Blackbirds this year. I usually have many at my feeders. I also don’t have the number of Doves or Hummingbirds.
    Nice article about you and all that you do. So glad you attached the article here. It will save me time and gasoline trying to find it around ttown.

    1. Some folks mentioned having trouble getting to page 2 of the online article. Did you? If so, close it, reopen it, scroll down and click “next” instead and see if that works.

  2. I also had these birds in my back yard in North Louisiana. The sign looks good.

  3. That little Sesame Street life jacket… is it yours? And if not, didn’t we have one JUST like it?

    1. Haaa! Dotter!! Yes, that is our life jacket!!!!! Thank GOD I had it around here or I could not have taken them out without one! Isn’t he cute?

  4. I had no trouble opening the 2nd page. I THINK I clicked on the “2” instead of “next page”. CRS!
    However, I just did it again and had no problem accessing both pages. (clicked 1&2 and next )

  5. I’m so glad I was able to read the article online. I still have someone in LA picking up a copy for me. I hope it brings you lots of business and more exposure!