A Different Point of View

EPBush wants  another point of view.  Ask and ye shall receive!

South Side view

From the back deck, this is the south side of the house, looking toward the bayou.


Then this is the north side of the house facing toward the bayou.  So, Em, what do you think?  Curiosity satisfied?

Front porch view

This is what I saw from the front porch early this morning.  Let’s play a game.

Do you see the red lights?

Do you see the barricade?

Do you see the swing bridge?

Do you see the derrick?

Do you see an inland drilling rig?

Do you see the tugboats pushing and pulling this rig?

There’s always something interesting to see when you’re down on the bayou!

Coming up with a contest for the weekend,


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  1. Derricks are fine, but I can’t wait to see shrimp boats! My freezer is almost empty of those delectable edible little creatures.

    1. Steffi – I knew the photo would be old hat to you! But some of these folks never even knew there was such a thing as an “inland rig” much less know what a derrick is!!! And I’m almost out of shrimp, too!

  2. ok, I see the red lights, the barricade, but not sure about the swing bridge..guess I would have to be there, but what Im adjusting my glasses over is the drill rig and the derrick. the long crane thingy is the drill rig, right? Guess Im trying to find those “derricks” I see studded all in the pastures, cotton fields & back yards around NW La & E Tx, lol….thats why I love this site, Im ALWAYS learning something new!
    I would love sipping my morning coffee on that deck, enjoying the comings & goings on that bayou, the only thing better would be sipping a tall glass of iced tea in the evenings watching the comings & goings on that bayou………….wow………sigh…………………

  3. Thanks for the pictures. What will become of the bits that stick out from the house several feet to either side? I assumed that there would be a walkway that went down each side of the house as there are doors there. It looks like, as of now, that the first step out the side door is a doozie.
    I must sound like some kind of dork, but I am just fascinated by this whole process….

    1. You’re not a dork because what you see is an “unfinished project”. The expense to do all this was WAY more than I anticipated, so it will be finished later. You are right about those beams sticking out! They are there for the very purpose of having a walkway all the way around the house. However, the side door is what we call “the door to nowhere”. It’s as old as the house, but at some point, they built kitchen base cabinets in front of it and from the inside, it just looks like a window. It is actually nailed shut. The only other exit is the front door which steps out onto the front porch where there will be a set of steps as well as railings that match the back deck . . . and I’m glad you are fascinated.

  4. I am curious…I am from Bayou Dularge, my father, relatives and friends are still there, is this camp right across the street for where Gerald’s bar was for many years? From the pics i see, it looks like it is just a few houses down from the fire station, about where Chester Voisin lived. Am I right? Thanks

    1. Hey Patty, you are almost exactly right! It is on the main highway, second house on the left just after you cross the bridge (Falgout Canal) and just below the two-story green house, which was the Cyprien Voisin house. You’ll have to go back in the archives and see how it looked before we renovated and elevated it!!! It was blue, if you recall. What led you here? And thanks for stopping by and chatting! BW

  5. Just googling the bayous one day after all the hurricanes…saw your site, and look at it almost on a daily basis. I miss home very much and would love to move back, so looking at your pics and reading the stuff you write…its not like being there, but it brings it more closer….my dad is Paul Chauving, they call him T-Paul…he lives on Dr. Beatrous Rd. You may know him. I grew up on a shrimp boat working it with him and my mom…so I know the waters you are fishing in pretty good…keep on doing this…its great…Patty

    1. Thank you, Patty, for coming out of what we lovingly call “the lurker’s corner” here!!! It’s nice to have a compliment from someone who grew up down here and knows the culture and way of life better than I. You have some rich memories if you shrimped with your daddy. I may ask you to share one of those stories on here one day, if that’s okay! BW