A legislative update on SB 744

Not that everyone, or even anyone for that matter, is interested in an update, but I’m OCD about continuums and leaving people hanging.

Just one week after launching into making sure this bill does not become law as written, an official of the LDWF wrote me an email that this bill WILL BE EDITED in the House Committe.  It will not require mandatory reporting under the threat of penalty upon failure to comply.

I still want to go to that committee meeting to make sure they keep their word (what?  I don’t trust an official of the LDWF?) and that this bill does not sneak past our watchful eyes . . . .

If any of you called or wrote your legislators in opposition to this bill, we charter captains thank you.


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  1. I hope you can clear your slate to attend this meeting. It needs monitoring. Beware of the phrase “as written”. Why should there be anything written for a non-law? Go get em BW! Let us know how it turns out and if we can help in this battle. Thanks for all your tireless efforts.

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