A meme from me to you!

Disjointed.  That’s how I have felt since January 29th.  I believe that is a whole month.  And today is that special day that no child really wants to be born.  Wonder how many have been born since midnight last night?

I’m off to appointments in town and am trusting the water heater will magically appear behind my house while I am gone and be waiting, in anticipation, for my arrival and its installation.

Meanwhile, would you humor me and answer these questions?  I took this meme from Heather Here and downsized it a little so your answers will fit in the comment box!!!!  So, please, indulge me!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

What were you doing 1 year ago?

3 snacks that you LOVE

3 things would you do if you were a millionaire

3 bad habits

3 things you love to do

3 things you would never wear again

3 favorite toys (yours, not your childrens’!!!)

Ok, friends, I want to know more about YOU for a change.

Spring is in the air down on the bayou, and I feel a contest coming on!

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  1. ok, I’ll play…while I watchout for my…my…”eeks” mouse…I woke up to a strange noise and noticed my tissue box on the floor next to my bed….moving!!! the scratching noise is distinctive, and as soon as this post is done, Im off to he hardware store…Me thinks I have contracted your bad luck….good for you…grrrr for me. If it runs in 3’s, I have only one more to go….lol

    What were you doing 10 years ago? I was living in Shreveport attending Northwestern Nursing School, my son was was 2. I was baking and selling cookies & cheese cakes for a living & trying to figure out if I was going to be able to handle being a single mom and a nurse. Still pondering this………….lol

    What were you doing 1 year ago?..Just moved back from Alaska, my Mom had just passed away, began working oncology at GoodShepard in Longview and trying to decide weither to return to Alaska or stay in TX

    3 snacks that you LOVE….just 3? hmmm..1) Fresh Fruit like watermellon, strawberries, peaches, mangos, tomatoes 2) BlueBell vanilla icecream…my son says I’m boring……lol. 3) Swiss or cheddar cheese…like to keep ziplock bags of cubes/slices for work and home for quick ready snacks.

    3 things would you do if you were a millionaire….I would build a beautiful, serene cancer hospital in East Tx., with library/study, media center, commercial kitchen center to be used also for nutritional cooking classes, healing gardens with walking paths, rehab/fitness ctr, suite bedrooms to accomodate family..sorry, too passionate about this…hmm I would buy a farm/ranch/orchard and move us to the country…..Then after having my sons furture taken care of, set up a scholarship for single mothers breaking from domestic violence or that just needed help improving their families lives…….Hmmm oooh I would like to splurge and travel, maybe with a group of women. I’ll go when the boys leave home!!!!!

    3 bad habits Waaaay too much time on the puter, talking too much…can you tell?? huh? can ya? eating out too often….used to eat out once a week on date night(with my son) now with my crazy work schedule…too easy to p/u something on the way home…
    3 things you love to do camping/fishing/hiking, geocaching, photography, websurfing…hmm thats over 3 again….sorry, having trouble following directions…still hear that dang mouse……

    3 things you would never wear again LOL….platform shoes…remember those??? halter tops ….that would be a disaster….rotflmbo blue eyeshadow or frosted lipstick…..eeewwwwww shudders in memory….

    3 favorite toys (yours, not your children’s!!!) my cameras, my Garmin 60Cx portable gps for geocaching, my laptop.

    ok, I hear it again….im outta hear to the hardware store for traps……..”eeeeeeck!!!!”
    Deb in Tx

    Thanks for playing and be sure and buy the black, plastic you know what’s and not the old fashioned kind that break your fingers!

  2. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was in grad school working toward my Masters in Counseling.

    What were you doing 1 year ago? Working at CBN

    3 snacks that you LOVE
    nachos with cheese

    3 things would you do if you were a millionaire
    -give to the church
    -buy a large, lovely house in the Mountains of NC and open a theraputic bed and breakfast
    -travel a lot!

    3 bad habits
    nail biting
    hair twisting
    playing video games to often

    3 things you love to do
    ballroom and swing dancing I can see you doing this!!!

    3 things you would never wear again
    I’m pretty eccentric. Can’t thnk of anything I wouldn’t wear again.

    3 favorite toys (yours, not your childrens’!!!)
    our playstation
    my computer
    my canon S5IS

  3. 10 yrs. ago…Taking care of Papa, trying to get my son to school on time and trying to get him to do his homework (it was futile most of the time)

    1 yr. ago today…saying prayers of thanks for Hubby being alive

    snacks…cheese, fresh fruits and nuts, all together or alone

    millioniare…pay off my loved ones’ house or whatever they need, travel, eat at every one of the best restaurants in N. O., pay medical bills (in that order!) Oops! That’s four.

    bad habits…um, Carol? nail biting, twisting my hair, smoking

    things I love to do…pottery (not ceramics), cooking, reading

    clothes I’d never wear again…bellbottom pants, striped tops, synthetic fabrics

    toys…coloring books, my computer, Wheel of Fortune hand held game

    Deb, hope your house mouse has left by now! BTW, I LOVE platform shoes. I still have a pair of black suede with hand embroidered, little flowers on them from the late 70’s. Awesome. I swear I’d wear them if I ever went out to a fancy place.