A-painting we will go!

This morning, I’ve been trying to clear my desk by paying some of those pesky bills like water, gas, and electricity.  Can’t live without those.  I’m hesitating to pay the guy for the sewage treatment plant installed while I was in Shreveport last month, because the area around it looks horrendous and not what they call “dressed” in the industry.  If I don’t pay it, though, they are going to levy me with interest charges . . . .

With the departure of the three-man door-hanging crew last Friday, work on the new house slowed to slower than a snail’s pace.  My builder can’t part with any carpenters for three weeks.  Meanwhile, I hope I can get some painting done.

On the positive side, the electrician finally finished the “trim work”, meaning we have power to the house, and all the lights should work.  He finished last night while I was at Termite’s ball game (45-minute drive from  here) and could not check his work and “see the light” for myself.

All the ceiling fans look like this:  Brushed nickel with black blades.

Except for the one on the little porch outside the master bedroom.  It looks like this.  I am going to buy some spider spray tomorrow, because I know those critters are looking for new homes already.

This is the light over the dining table–also called either brushed nickel or stainless.

This is the little pendant light over the kitchen sink.  Dotter says I must exchange the globe for a more neutral color.  I was hoping it would be a nice accent color once the cabinets and counter tops were installed.  I will wait until then to decide.

TO BE DONE:  There are three interior doors left to be hung, three door frames to be built, 12 window sills to be made, and all of the above must be painted, including painting baseboards for the whole house.   There is vinyl flooring arriving any day for the bathrooms and utility room that must be put down.  The cabinets will be installed this week, and must be painted.  Then the finish plumbing can be done.  And last but not least, the rest of the top-secret surprise flooring will be done.

I guess after that will be the de-junking, the packing, and the 1001 trips from the old house to the new house carrying armloads of belongings.

Most of the sheetrock dust has been sucked up the by the shop-vac.  Tomorrow, I am going in search of a cheap, but heavy duty mop bucket with a built-in ringer.  The whole house must be mopped to make sure all the dust is gone before the painting begins.  Anyone know right where I can get one?

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  1. I got the big old industrial yellow one from Menard’s. My buddy Joe picked one off the curb after flooding and sewer mess in town. We power washed it at car wash then gave it the Krud Kutter treatment looks and works just like mine.

    I been shoveling compost in garden beds tonight. Again tomorrow. Cutting into fishing but garden will rock this year.

  2. I actually have an extra mop bucket w/wringer…come get it. About the sewage treatment payment…”full payment” usually means you’ll never see them again. I’d send them an e-mail (written proof) stating you’ll be sending only partial payment until the work is finished. I’d also address the interest issue too.
    That’s my .02 worth of advice.
    The house is looking good. It won’t be too long now!

    1. Thanks, but I need it this morning. The reason for the unfinished looking dirt job is that is was so muddy that it was in clumps and could not be properly “dressed”. At this point, I’m picking my battles and handled him the best way I knew how. Email? He’s too old for that!

  3. I forgot something…a tip to save time and make it easy on yourself. Place a paint brush in the “boys” hand after you have them put the baseboards and 1/4 round on sawhorses. Let them do some painting. It’s MUCH easier (and faster) painting them first, then doing a little touch up after installation. This will free you up for other things like…posting on this Blog.

    1. Great minds think alike! Choup already gave me the quick tips for painting the baseboards. The Captain is going to try his had at interior doors. He used to like painting on the crew boats back in the day.

  4. Steffi, you make a lot of sense! That is how we did the painting in the kids bedrooms after they my daughter got married & my son moved out. I was sooooo happy to have a nice guest bedroom/sewing room and a BIG pantry. Lasted about 6 months and my son moved back. I have never gotten that guest room/sewing room back either. It turned into a grandkids room.
    BW, glad it is finally getting near the end for you. I agree with Steffi on the payment for the sewer work. You might send it registered mail also. I am still looking for the contractor who leveled our house. He did not come back and finish after he was paid!

    1. I don’t feel so bad if he doesn’t come back because I still have to buy a couple truck loads of dirt, and my builder still has to smooth out the whole yard, and I figure he can use the new dirt to finish dressing up around the plant. I have noticed that hardly anyone takes pride in their work any more. They just want to get the job done and get off. For what? TV? Internet? Video poker? Alcohol?

  5. The lights look fantastic! Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly to the finish line from here on out!

  6. I like the accent color on the light over the kitchen sink! It adds some color! It’s a good compliment. I’m really looking forward to seeing more pictures after seeing your beautiful home in person.

  7. I love the light over the sink. You’ll need that bright pop of color when it all comes together. You can have my big mop/wringer bucket. It falls over. We’re “fixin” to have a dust storm today which will stop part of the construction on the gas plant. But on a brighter note, we’ve worked 70-90 contractors for two months without an incident so we’re feeding them barbecue for lunch. Got a job for Allen? He’s ready to move.